Satyam Impex

Wall Tiles

We offer two types of Wall Tile namely Digital Wall Tiles (250x400mm) and Glossy Series Wall Tiles (300x600mm). The Wall Tile, offered by us, is known for its innovative designs and newest concepts. The entire range of Wall Tile, we offer, is water resistant and easy to apply. Avail the Wall Tile from us in bulk at market leading prices.

Application : Interior decoration

  • Smooth finish
  • Competitive price
  • Enduring
  • Various pattern
  • Wide-ranging color
  • Designer look

  • 200X200 mm
  • 200X300 mm
  • 250X250 mm
  • 300X300 mm
  • 250X325 mm
  • 250X400 mm
  • 300X450 mm

  • Technical Specifications
    CharacteristicsEuropenn StandardOur Value
    Dimension & Surface Quelity
    Deviation in length & Width± 0.2 %± 0.08 &
    Deviation in thikness± 0.4 %± 3 %
    Staightness of SidesN.AN.A
    Rectangularity± 0.15 %± 0.08 %
    Surface Flateness± 0.22 %± 0.12 %
    Surface quelityMin 95 %Min 95 %
    Physical Properties
    Water absorption>Min 10 %14-17 %
    Bending stengthAvg. 15N/mm217n Min
    Scrath hardness (Mohs)Min 3Min 3
    Surface abrationN.AN.A
    Crazing4 Cycle4 Cycle
    Chemical Properties
    Staining ResistanceHousehold Chemicals
    Class 1Class AA
    PassesResistance to all, except hydrofluric acid & its compound
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal ShockN.AN.A
    Thermal expantion9x10-6 K-1 MaxComplies

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